Seven Worlds – Ep8

Episode 8: Revelation

Lidya, Lorenzo and Peter are about to embark on the next trial. Some time before they even approached the trial of light the rumored deity plotted in the background. The deity in question has performed tasks that seemingly prove its far reaching power. His envoys have begun to spread across Entralia warning of his arrival. Inside a castle in a strange and chaotic dimension, a man awaits a report from his servants. Said servant, Vahnloth, speaks of the start of the invasion.

Vahnloth – “My lord Damien, preparations are ready. Your troops await your orders.”

Damien – “Good, how fare the assassins sent to the trials?”

Vahnloth – “Most have been highly successful. A small few failed. They met their end before completing their mission.”

Damien – “Excellent. Have the generals been summoned?”

Vahnloth – “Yes, they will be here shortly. Soon your might will be felt.”

Damien – “Indeed, I will rule Entralia or see it burn around me. With the trial councils rendered inert and the world portals disabled there will be nothing to stop my ascension.”

Vahnloth – “Your foresight knows no rival.”

Damien – “Alert the first battalion, we move out soon.”

This man, a self proclaimed deity named Damien, radiated incredible power. Both magical and physical. His strength is shown through wielding heavy armor and a large sword. An age-old resentment filled his heart. At some point he was once considered a great hero, but the fear of his power drove the Entralian council to seal him away. The unique dimension where he resides bears no mention in most historical books in Entralia. Only a few in the council actually know of its existence. The knowledge of such a place might entice people to seek it out and thus release Damien by accident. Some might seek him out of their own will, which is even worse. Despite the lack of access to the dimension, Damien discovered a way to travel to Entralia. Among his army it is rumored that his sheer power was able to break through the seals placed upon the dimension. Such power comes from a mastery of all the elements.

After his declaration many people have chosen to side with him to improve their chances of survival. Those who submit to his rule are provided for, but must pledge their life to him and fight in the coming war. Damien also secretly established hidden trials to further bolster recruitment. These called to strong warriors and promised them riches.

To the Entralian council’s dismay, his imprisonment only served to strengthen both his resolve and power. As such, he can now easily create a portal to move his troops around Entralia. With the world portals disabled there is no hope for reinforcements from the other worlds. Entralia has very few warriors, with the exception of those who have taken the trial of balance. Finally, revenge against the council draws closer.

Vahnloth – “Your generals are here, Lord Damien.”

Damien – “Generals Nathaniel, Morg and Thana, welcome. I see you are eager for combat.”

Nathaniel – “Indeed my lord, we ask for your blessing for our coming battle.”

Morg – “Today we set foot on Entralia, we will make your name known throughout its lands.”

Thana – “Your glory will be known. We will not fail you!”

Damien – “Ever faithful, this is very good to hear. My generals, you have my blessing. Bring down our enemies you who are my strongest fire, water and light respectively. May no one dare to strike you down, for they will incur my wrath!”

Thana – “A question, my lord.”

Damien – “Go on, what is it?”

Thana – “What of the young man we recovered? What will you do with him?”

Damien – “Ah yes, I have very special plans for him. He will join you in the future, but I must first perform a unique ritual. Nothing that should concern you.”

Thana – “Apologies, my lord.”

Morg – “We shall take our leave then, it is time to deploy our forces and begin bringing down the councils.”

Damien – “Go! Bring them to their knees!”

The three generals already have a far reaching reputation within the ranks of Damien’s army. They are ruthless and masters of their elements. Skilled in combat, no one dares to challenge them directly. This will no doubt spell trouble for the defenders of Entralia. Transporting his armies to the world was a simple feat. A large castle structure built using the limited resources of the dimension now expands further as it enters this world. Placed near the center of the continent, its location both provides a good reach against the regions and invites the challenge of the councils. With Damien now in Entralia, he immediately receives a report on the most recent happenings. Scout messenger Halic hastily runs through the corridors to reach his master.

Halic – “Lord Damien! A report!”

Damien – “Urgh, Halic, what is it now?”

Halic – “Pardon, I ran as fast as I could. A group of our soldiers were attacked near the portal to the trial of light.”

Damien – “Is that so? Did they carry any particular banner? A crest? Has the Entralian council decided to oppose me?”

Halic – “None that we could identify. The little information we got was that they were fire masters from Fernal. They were cut off from Brensur just before entering.”

Damien – “Hmm, I may have been too hasty in sealing the portals. No matter, they will provide ample amusement for me. That is, if they survived the trial. Ready a battalion to accompany me. I will meet them at the portal to the trial of darkness.”

Halic – “But sir…”

Damien – “Execute my orders!”

Halic – “Yes master!”

Halic was always constantly shaken by Damien’s presence. Entralia teetered out of balance with how much power he irradiated. Now he marched forward, quickly deducing that the warriors sought to take the trial of darkness. It was very possible that Lidya, Lorenzo, Peter and Marx would meet face to face with Damien.


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