Seven Worlds – Ep6

Episode 6: Crossroads

Marx, Lorenzo and Lidya discussed the current events and planned how to proceed. So far all they knew was that some self proclaimed deity is claiming rule over the Seven Worlds. The portals at the end of the trials had been shut down by some unknown power, possibly stemming from this being. Lidya and Lorenzo, who had been selected to enter Brensur, were now stuck in Entralia.

Lorenzo – “Well? What now?”

Marx – “I’ll speak to the trial council. It’s possible they might have some new information. Afterwards we should leave the region.”

Lidya – “Alright, that sounds good. Maybe they’ve had a chance to speak through the communication crystals.”

Marx – “Indeed. I’ll be back shortly.”

Marx left to seek out an audience with the trial council. About an hour after he left, Marx returned with news.

Lidya – “Did you find out anything? What happened?”

Marx – “They don’t know much else of the matter other than what I informed them previously. The communication crystal in the main chamber was cracked. I guess it won’t work anymore, at least not until repaired.”

Lorenzo – “What about using special message spells?”

Marx – “Sadly, those don’t have the necessary energy to reach another world. It would need the world portals to be working.”

Lidya – “Do you think someone broke into the council chambers and broke the crystal?”

Marx – “No, the damage didn’t have a specific starting point. Also, no simple hammer or weapon could easily damage such crystals. I fear it was some kind of far reaching spell.”

Lorenzo – “If they cannot ask for reinforcements from Brensur, or anywhere else, how can you gather the needed warriors?”

Marx – “That’s where we come in. Their instructions for us are that we have to contact the other trial councils and ask about any warriors that can join us.”

Lidya – “Whoa, we’re taking the other trials?”

Marx – “We have no choice. The rest of the councils are unaware of what’s happening. The only way to reach them is by going through the trial grounds.”

Lidya – “I’m not against a good fight, but all the trials are painstaking, not to mention dangerous and deadly endeavors.”

Marx – “Yes, this is why our first priority is the trial of light.”

Lorenzo – “Why that one specifically?”

Marx – “The actual trial of light is a step towards a bigger target, weapon transmutation. It is a complex enchantment that allows warriors to change their weapons into others.”

Lorenzo – “Ah, I see.”

Lidya – “Wait, I don’t get it. Why is that needed?”

Marx – “Did you forget that lesson? Oh right, I think you slept through that one.”

Lidya – “Just tell me Marx! Stop teasing.”

Marx – “Ha, well. As you should know, different weapons are aligned to different elements. Changing your weapon will allow you to more easily channel its energy. Also, it provides a great advantage in battle because you will have greater versatility.”

Lidya – “That sounds like a very neat trick to have in the battle challenges of the trials.”

Marx – “It would be, except you have to use the weapon aligned with the element of the trial you are taking. So don’t even think about it. Trial councils can disqualify you for that.”

Lorenzo – “What effect would a disqualification have now? No one can leave Entralia either way.”

Marx – “True. No matter, we will try to remain within the rules. I would rather not antagonize the trial councils. Besides, we need their help.”

Lidya – “Got it. Shall we get going?”

Marx – “Yes, I asked mother for a favor. We will be stopping by her village first.”

Marching through Fernal was a breeze for these three fire element masters. The trial had certified Lidya and Lorenzo as such. This resulted in them arriving at Agatha’s village quickly. She met them at the northeastern entrance.

Agatha – “Welcome back, it’s good to see you are doing well.”

Lidya – “Hello Agatha.”

Lorenzo – “Greetings madam.”

Agatha – “Quite the strong ones traveling with you eh?”

Marx – “It still surprises me that you can tell at a glance mother. How are you?”

Agatha – “Concerned, of course. Be careful on your travels.”

Marx – “As always. You have something else for us?”

Agatha – “Ah, yes. Just as you requested.”

Lidya – “Hey! Those are hard to come by, how did you find them?”

Agatha – “I’ve had these for years. When Marx was younger we would use them to talk from time to time.”

Lorenzo – “Communication spheres, a rare sight indeed.”

Agatha – “Yes, so make sure not to lose them! They’re shaped from obsidian and enchanted by the spell master in the trial council.”

Lidya – “Only three?”

Marx – “It’s all we have Lidya, and besides, there’s only three of us.”

Lidya – “Oh, right.”

Agatha – “You can set them on your belt. They will glow when someone is trying to contact you.”

Marx – “Thank you mother, we should keep going.”

Agatha – “Be careful out there, and safe travels!”

Marx, Lorenzo and Lidya continued their way to the gates of Fernal. Some passages were still treacherous. Every now and then Marx suggested a change that shortened their travel time. Once they cleared the gates of Fernal, a path led them due south. As they continued on their way, the group discussed the matter of the trials.

Lidya – “Is there any record of anyone taking all the trials?”

Marx – “Not that I recall. The Entralian council might know more. There might be a mention of something like that in the archives.”

Lidya – “I wonder how those trials will work. What do you think?”

Marx – They will test your knowledge of the element. Spells, weapon mastery and your ability to channel the element’s energy are the key.”

Lorenzo – “We have a long road ahead of us. How will we learn to use other elemental magic, like light magic?”

Marx – “I am a master of fire magic, as are you. In a similar manner that we trained to channel this power, then surely we should be able to tap into other elemental energy.”

Lidya – “It probably won’t be as easy as you say.”

Lorenzo – “We should try to tap into this power as often as we can. It will serve as training.”

Marx – “For all of us.”

Lidya – “Not to be brash, but I feel an eagerness for battle. It’s like Entralia opened up further for me.”

Lorenzo – “Do you truly wish to fight so much?”

Lidya – “Of course! I want to prove myself above other warriors. Though, I am saddened that Brensur is off limits right now. My mother and father are there.”

Lorenzo – “They took the trial then? And they left you?”

Lidya – “Well, yes. They left me with my grandmother. After she passed away Marx took care of me and trained me to follow in their footsteps.”

Lorenzo – “It seems tragic to go through all that.”

Lidya – “I’ve since accepted it as my lot in life. I can’t hold ill will towards them for wanting to reach Brensur.”

Lorenzo – “Did you ever hear from them again?”

Lidya – “No…”

Marx – “The truth is, we have no proof that they made it to Brensur.”

Lorenzo – “Oh… I’m sorry I asked Lidya.”

Lidya – “Eh, pay it no mind. Like I said, no ill will. What about your family Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo – “I only know of my father. He said my mother passed away shortly after I was born.”

Lidya – “And you think my story was sad?”

Lorenzo – “Yes well, I understand a little of how you feel I guess. Father helped to train me. He used to run a mercenary company until his passing. We traveled to all kinds of places.”

Marx – “Did he ever think of leaving for any of the worlds?”

Lorenzo – “He did. The same trial we just passed. Brensur called to him, but it would not be. He sustained a terrible injury in the trials. Afterwards he spent his days training me to take the trial. Eventually he got sick and there was nothing we could do.”

Marx – “I see. Sorry to hear that.”

Lorenzo – “In a sense, he lives on in the training he gave me.”

Lidya – “He trained you well.”

Lorenzo – “Indeed, but enough of that. We should make camp, it will be dark soon.”

Marx – “Let’s head over there, we can continue our trip early in the morning.”

The group halted their advance to rest. A small clearing near the road lent itself as the perfect rest area. Since Lidya was so eager to face the trial, she took the first watch. They didn’t want to risk falling prey to any bandits or other rogue elements.

Early morning on the next day, they quickly packed up and left for the trial entry. Just before reaching the area, Marx noticed something was off and pulled Lidya and Lorenzo into a thicket. While hiding they saw a few armored warriors on patrol. They don’t recognize the crest on the warrior’s chest plates. Marx asks himself whether it is possible they serve the deity. With this new development they must now find a way to access the trial grounds of the light element, the Mindscape.


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