Seven Worlds – Ep5

Episode 5 – Trial of Fire – Part 5

The trial of fire continues for Lidya as she marches onwards. On her way she fights more mercenaries, duels other challengers, traverses the hazards of Fernal and even the occasional battle against a salamander. Though the battles have made her weary, her strong spirit gives her all the strength she needs. Looking out across an area called the Plains of Fire, heat mirages distort the view slightly, but Lidya did not doubt what she saw. A large gate marked the entry point of the council village. The World Portal was not too far off. Just before the gates there is also a small village. That was going to be her next destination. As the sun begins to set in the horizon, Lidya makes haste through the plains. A large flow of lava is currently covering an area and the only way to move through is to jump from rocks that are still visible. Quick as she can and taking care to time her jumps properly, Lidya moves across the flooded area.

Lidya arrives at the village, tired from her ordeal. She sits at a bench in the central plaza, watching a few people move around. Most people here were once challengers that either gave up or failed the final challenge of the trial. After stretching for a short moment, Lidya turns her thoughts on how the trial must have been for her parents and how they must have passed through similar ordeals.

A few minutes of rest and Lidya felt good enough to move on. The next challenge lies in the council village’s arena. A final test that pits challengers against each other. Brensur, the world of fire magic is ever closer.

While Lidya takes the final steps of the trial, the group of Lorenzo, Anna, Aaron, James and Jayna are near that same village. They took a different path which was safer than the previous ones they passed through. Having fewer battles meant that they had time to hone their skill in a different way. Lorenzo, being the most experienced, often spars with the others in the group. Their path took them over some nearby hills that overlook the outer village and just beyond it they noticed the gates to the council village.

Anna – “The gates to the council village are gigantic.”

Lorenzo – “Yes, the region also serves as Brensur’s first line of defense. Meanwhile the trials ensure that only the best warriors are allowed through. In this way the worlds protect themselves.”

Aaron – “Is it true that the world portal isn’t activated until the closing ceremony?”

Lorenzo – “Indeed.”

James – “We’re almost at the end, I can hardly believe it.”

Jayna – “This will be the last challenge before Brensur, we must prepare accordingly.”

Lorenzo – “Until the remaining challengers arrive we will have plenty of time to train. We should also get proper rest. Let us make haste to the council village.”

The great council village of Fernal was established to maintain control of the trials and challengers. A group of watchers keeps a strict count of all the challengers currently partaking in the trial. Among the watchers is also the spell master who is the very key to opening the world portal. During this night the council convenes to prepare for the battles in the arena. Of the original twenty three warriors that entered through the gates of Fernal, only thirteen remain. With this information they start pairing matchups for the final challenge. The duels to be held are non lethal. Anyone who had reached this point had proven themselves against the harsh environment of Fernal. The same goes to other warriors taking the trials of the other elements. If they prove themselves to excel in combat, they are allowed to pass through the world portal. Regardless, the battles are often harsh and taxing to those participating. Everyone that reaches this point is motivated by how close they are to their goal. With the matches decided, a board is placed near the arena so that the challengers can see who they will fight against.

Lidya arrives at the main plaza and checks out who she will have to fight against. Although she doesn’t know him yet, she has been set to battle Lorenzo. A moment after she leaves to rest at the Inn Lorenzo’s group arrives to look at the list as well.

Jayna – “Oh hey look Lorenzo, you’re fighting that girl I met at the infirmary.”

Lorenzo – “Lidya eh? She must be strong to have reached this far on her own.”

Anna – “Aaron got lucky, you’re the wild card here. James has to fight this warrior called Valnar.”

Aaron – “So it’s either Valnar or James.”

James – “Oh you’re gonna end up fighting me for sure.”

Jayna – “Hey Anna, if you win your match tomorrow you’ll be up against me next.”

Anna – “Challenge accepted, I can’t go easy on you.”

Lorenzo – “We are all set then. Let us proceed to the Inn, it is late.”

Everyone agreed and hastily made their way to the nearby Inn. The night seemed to stretch forever. Lidya’s excitement for the coming fights nearly kept her awake all night. Exhaustion eventually took over and she was able to sleep. The others, except Lorenzo, had similar issues.

The next day a packed arena greeted the challengers. The village often received visitors from Brensur itself to watch the matches. Sometimes challengers had family that lived in the world of fire and would visit to cheer for them. Lorenzo looked over at Lidya, who was pacing back and forth, trying to ascertain his opponent’s strength. At a glance all he could see was an overly eager warrior. She seemed reckless.

Throughout the day the duels were held. All of them were powerful, heated battles. Afterall, it was a test of both strength and fire magic. Anna won her match easily, which now pitted her against Jayna later on. James also won his match against his opponent. Ultimately the last matches ended up being Anna against Jayna, James against Aaron and Lidya against Lorenzo.

The duel between Anna and Jayna was a display of powerful fire magic. They were mostly skilled in spells. Fires danced around the arena, leaving the audience stunned. To Jayna’s dismay Anna gained the upper hand and was able to overpower her. Anna won that match. She helped Jayna back to her feet and left the arena together.

Following Anna and Jayna’s fight was Aaron’s and James’. Another fierce competition ensued. In the end Aaron’s training with Lorenzo proved worthwhile and he pulled a win against his newfound friend.

Finally the match between Lidya and Lorenzo was at hand. This particular battle was both powerful and intense. Lidya was swift and relentless in her attacks, while Lorenzo was more calculating in his strikes. His handling of his heavy ax was impressive. The council kept taking notes of this battle as it stretched for quite some time. It was nearly sunset when the two warriors, nearly exhausted from their duel, continued to plot against each other. All Lidya needed was one false step from Lorenzo, and surely enough, after biding her time, Lorenzo made a mistake. She cast a spell to create a heat shimmer. The mix of the spell and Lorenzo’s tired muscles made him take the wrong stance and Lidya was able to disarm him. His ax was thrown off into a wall. Both were visibly tired. Right then the audience exploded in cheers and applause for the both of them. The trial of fire has come to an end.

The following day the warriors were gathered in front of the world portal. The great spell master of the council used his magic to activate the portal. In it an image of Brensur appeared after a swirling blaze dissipated. A list was read out by the spell master naming those who had successfully shown their skill and mastery. Anna, Jayna, Aaron, Lorenzo and Lidya were called. Sadly, James did not show enough mastery to be called. Despite this, the spell master mentioned that he would be welcome to stay in the village to continue honing his skills. As the others passed through the portal Lorenzo and Lidya spoke to James.

Lorenzo – “Not everyone is given the opportunity to continue training at the council village. Keep at it and I’m sure I’ll see you in Brensur very soon.”

James – “I hope so. Will you help with my training?”

Lorenzo – “If I get the chance to return, I promise.”

Lidya – “Hey Lorenzo, I didn’t get a chance to say this yesterday, but you are one strong warrior. That was a great match.”

James – “You two were amazing to watch.”

Lorenzo – “You have great skill as well Lidya. We should train together in Brensur.”

Lidya – “You bet! Let’s get going.”

As Lidya took her first steps towards the world portal, the spell master warned not to continue. The energy of the portal was becoming unstable. This continued until the connection broke. The image of Brensur faded away and the portal lost its power.

Lidya – “Whoa, what just happened?”

Lidya’s confusion added to other’s panic. Many people came from Brensur to witness the trial battles. Now they were all stuck in the council village. The council members assembled right there and calmed the people. While this happened the warriors were ordered to return to the Inn. They would be informed if the world portal could be reactivated.

A few days later and there were no changes to the world portal. Lidya, Lorenzo and James stayed together during those days. They were resting near the main plaza when Marx, Lidya’s trainer, arrived.

Lidya – “Huh? Marx! What are you doing here?”

Marx – “Lidya! Am I glad to see you. I was informing the council of some new information I found. Come, let’s convene at the Inn and I’ll tell you everything.”

They moved to the Inn along with James and Lorenzo.

Marx – “I see you made new friends.”

Lidya – “Ah, right! This is Lorenzo and James. Lorenzo was my opponent in the final duel.”

James – “Hello.”

Lorenzo – “It is an honor to meet you. Lidya was a challenging opponent.”

Marx – “I’m glad to hear that. Lidya was quite the handful to train.”

Lidya – “Hey!”

Marx – “Anyway, onto more pressing matters. It seems that what happened here with the world portal has happened in the other trial grounds as well. After that event the envoy of some ancient deity arrived at Balancor and announced this being would come to rule the Seven Worlds.”

Lidya – “Why now?”

Marx – “There are rumors of some ancient prophecy. I’m still investigating that part. Regardless I was told to seek out warriors. The Entralian Council wants to prepare for the worst. As it stands, it seems most of the elite warriors made it into the other worlds.”

James – “That practically leaves Entralia defenseless.”

Marx – “The council suspects that was precisely what this deity wanted.”

Lorenzo – “What will you do then?”

Marx – “For now, see if I can find more people to join me.”

Lidya – “I’m in, there’s no point in hanging around here if we can’t go to Brensur.”

Lorenzo – “I will accompany you as well.”

James – “I will remain here, if the world portal can be reactivated we will need those reinforcements.”

Marx – “That’s a good call. In the meantime we should prepare traveling supplies. I fear we must head out as soon as possible.”

The news of this rumored deity caught everyone unawares. Lorenzo, Marx and Lidya gathered what they needed and readied for their eventual departure.


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