Seven Worlds – Ep4

Episode 4: Trial of Fire – Part 4

After the tragic loss of Edward and gaining a new companion in Aaron, Lorenzo’s group finally arrived at the village. A brief respite from the harsh trial. Upon their arrival they quickly seek out the village’s healer to tend to Jayna’s burned leg. They are greeted at the entrance to the infirmary by an old lady named Agatha.

Agatha – “Ah, another challenger hurt by the flows. Come dear, head inside and enter the last room to the left. There is a bed available where you can rest. I must head out a moment to gather some healing herbs, as soon as I’m back I can help with your healing.”

Jayna – “Alright. James, will you help me get there?”

James – “Sure.”

Agatha – “I suggest the rest of you go somewhere else to rest. The nearby Inn is a good place to stay, if you have the coin for it.”

Lorenzo – “Thank you.”

Jayna limped forward while James helped her maintain her balance. They passed a few rooms already occupied with other injured challengers. Each room was rather small, but could accommodate two beds. When they reached the room Agatha mentioned there was already someone else there. Jayna sat down at the edge of the other bed. She looked out one of the windows, it looked abnormally dark. Dense clouds covered the region.

James – “I’ll head to the Inn. Lorenzo should be there with the others.”

Jayna – “Ok, see you later!”

Lidya’s vision was blurry, but slowly coming into focus. She felt something on her forehead. It was a damp cloth. She took it off and set it aside. As the room came into focus she saw someone sitting on a bed beside her. Lidya moved to sit at the edge of the bed. Still rather confused she was curious about what had happened to her.

Lidya – “Hi, I’m Lidya, did… did you bring me here?”

Jayna – “I’m Jayna, and no, I didn’t bring you here. I just got here myself.”

Lidya – “Ah, that’s quite the burn there.”

Jayna – “My friends helped me get here. The healer mentioned she would be back soon.”

Lidya – “Maybe she has the answers I seek.”

Jayna – “Have you read that letter yet? On the table beside your bed.”

Lidya hadn’t noticed the letter and promptly began reading it. It was from her teacher. In the letter he explained that he was keeping an eye out for her throughout the challenge because he had noticed that a number of mercenaries had infiltrated the trial. Many of those mercenaries apparently had been hired to cause discord and to cut down as many challengers as they could. He also had suspicions that something much worse was happening in the background but he didn’t have much information. As she continued to read, Agatha arrived.

Lidya – “Marx…”

Agatha – “Ah, I see you’re awake. Here, take this. It’s a little bitter, but it will help you regain more strength.”

Without a second thought Lidya drank the potion. She didn’t react to the bitterness, which impressed Jayna a little.

Agatha – “Looks like you’re almost ready to go. Here, your weapons, boots and vest. Oh and I see you got his letter.”

Lidya – “Yes, still looking after me, even when my training was completed a while ago. Do you know him by any chance?”

Agatha – “Why yes, he’s my son. For as long as I know he speaks very highly of you Lidya.”

Lidya – “You’re pretty famous yourself master Agatha.”

Agatha – “Oh don’t call me that, just Agatha is fine. Even if there is some renown to my healing skill, I’d rather not boast about it. It can bring unwanted attention.”

Lidya – “I understand. Did Marx say anything else?”

Agatha – “No, he said to me the same he wrote on that letter. He’s probably off investigating whatever it is he is suspicious of.”

Lidya – “Well then, I’ll get ready to leave.”

Agatha – “And now for you young lady. That burn should be no problem with this.”

Agatha handed a cream to Jayna.

Agatha – “Put this on. I made it using leaves, tree sap and a healing enchantment. It should help heal the burn and restore your skin.”

Jayna – “Thank you so much!”

Shortly after Jayna was putting the ointment on, Lidya was ready to leave.

Lidya – “Thank you for everything, Agatha. It was nice to meet you, Jayna.”

Jayna – “Stay safe Lidya, hope to see you at the council village.”

Lidya – “Thanks!”

Lidya’s twin axes caught Jayna’s attention. They seemed peculiar for some reason, but she couldn’t point out what. It was as if she could sense some mysterious power emanating from them. As Lidya continued on her way she pondered what Marx mentioned in his letter. “What could possibly be worse than having the challengers get hunted down by mercenaries?”, she thought. As she’s walking away from the village, she and Lorenzo cross paths. Lorenzo takes notice of Lidya, but continues on his way.


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