Seven Worlds – Ep3

Episode 3: Trial of Fire – Part 3

The harsh reality of the trials makes itself felt. Jayna, Lorenzo, Edward, James and Anna were attacked by a group of Salamanders. Although they were able to repel them it placed Edward in a very precarious position. The intense heat is burning his legs, even with the magical protection. Meanwhile the cavern shakes violently.

Edward – “Everyone! Go! Get out of here, you can’t do anything for me now, just go!

Cracks form around the rock where Edward is lying, it begins to float into the river of lava.

Anna – “No, Edward!”

Lorenzo – “Anna, we have to go. We can’t risk our lives any further!”

Jayna – “We can’t leave him!”

Lorenzo – “It is too late and Edward knows it.”

James – “Lorenzo’s right, if we stay we’ll all die.”

Edward – “Leave! I’ll try to make it out. This rock is still stable, don’t worry!”

Lorenzo – “Please be careful. Over here everyone, we can climb through this area. That tunnel should lead us outside.”

Lorenzo pointed the others to an opening not too far above them, but they would have to climb for a bit. As they left Edward behind an explosion shook the cavern again. Shortly after, a wave of lava came crashing down from deeper in the cave. As Lorenzo and the others began to enter the tunnel Edward looked at them. Jayna and Anna looked back, he was charging a spell to close off the tunnel behind them and protect them from the rushing lava. James pulled Jayna and Anna back as the spell was cast and the entry started to get blocked by falling stones. The group tried their best to run out of the tunnel. Jayna was still limping from her previous injury, but managed to keep up. Meanwhile, the wave of lava finally reached the rock Edward was still on. Sadly for him the rock flipped over and threw him into the lava river.

The group of friends was now down by one. Overwhelmed by grief, but still strong enough to push further ahead.

Anna – “How could he? He knew he would die, why did he leave us?”

James – “There was nothing we could do. He did what was best for all of us.”

Lorenzo – “Yes he did. To honor his sacrifice we must continue.

Jayna – “Yeah, could we rest here for a bit. I need to heal my leg properly.”

Anna – “I’ll help.”

Lorenzo – “James, keep watch for any disturbances from the volcano. I do not want any more surprises. I will scout over the ridge and determine our next destination.”

Although saddened by the loss of their friend, the group knew they had to push forward. It was precisely their friendship that gave them the strength to continue.

A quick look along the horizon and Lorenzo was able to identify a village that was fairly close. One of the few hidden villages that serve as a place of respite to many who partake in the trials.

After informing the others about the village they prepared to move on. James helped Jayna stand. As they finished packing some of their supplies a stranger arrived. The young man introduced himself as Aaron. He asked Lorenzo if he was the leader of the group and wanted to have a friendly duel in exchange for some of their supplies.

Aaron – “The people I was traveling with decided to abandon me. Thankfully I was able to reach this point, except I have little food left. I was able to duel others for some scraps but it probably won’t be enough to reach the council village.”

Lorenzo – “I am not exactly in the mood for a friendly duel, but if you are so inclined to do this then I will not hold back.”

Aaron – “That’s the spirit. Let’s go.”

James – “Lorenzo, you don’t have to do this.”

Aaron – “Would you rather I just take your supplies?”

Lorenzo – “I would not allow that either way. Get ready.”

The group’s sorrow weighed heavily on their minds. Lorenzo felt anger, in his mind he had failed Edward. Fueled by this anger, but not blinded by it, the duel commenced. Aaron took a few swipes with his ax. Lorenzo, thinking of a way to quickly end the duel, simply sidestepped the swings, disarmed Aaron and then pushed him to the ground. Powerful mana gathered in Lorenzo’s palm. Before he unleashed the spell, Aaron yielded.

Aaron – “Well, I was not expecting that. You are incredibly skilled.”

Lorenzo – “Here, this should help you until the next village.”

Aaron – “But… I lost.”

Lorenzo – “Yes, but I am not without a little empathy. The trial is harsh, I hope you improve by the time we reach the council village.”

Aaron – “Alright, if I am to repay your kindness, then I’ll help you. That is, if you’ll have me.”

James – “We lost a dear friend but a few hours ago. Perhaps having you with us is like him telling us to move on.”

Anna – “We should hurry to the village. Jayna will need more time to heal.”

Lorenzo – “I accept then, Aaron, you may join us. I can even give you some pointers.”

Aaron – “Thank you.”

After a difficult day the group is now joined by another challenger. They continue towards a village that lies close by as the sun sets on the horizon. The eerie light of lava and volcanoes reflects on the clouds above.


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