Seven Worlds

Prologue: Worlds of the Elements

Long ago the powers of the elements coalesced into seven distinct worlds. Each one possessing a core of pure elemental energy. There are six elements divided into two groups. The living powers of earth, wind, fire and water as well as the spirit powers of light and darkness. A seventh school of magic, the balance, combines these elements. This balance is most prevalent in the world known as Entralia. In it the balance of magic between all the elements is most evident. The only exception to this rule is the various regions where the portals to each of the other worlds are located. These World Portals are heavily guarded and require the passing of a strict and often dangerous trial.

The trials of the elements are a rite of passage for the people interested in living in the worlds outside of Entralia. Often harsh and deadly, the trials are meant to test the skills of the challenger in the particular element of the world they wish to go to. If they are found lacking they cannot enter. This safeguards people from entering a world they are not prepared to roam, or much less live in. Each world also benefits by gaining a strong and capable warrior. The final test of the trials is often a duel between the challengers. If they are deemed worthy, then they are allowed passage into the world.

Trial grounds around Entralia are varied and hug the far reaches of the continent. In the northeastern region lies Fernal. A hot, magma filled and highly volcanic area where the portal to the world of fire, Brensur, is located. In contrast, directly to the north of the continent lie the Frigis Isles. As their name suggests the cold dominates this region. The small archipelago is perfect for honing one’s skill with water magic. Its portal leads to the world of water magic, Ixis. Floating above the skies is the magical city of Utoas. A marvel of engineering and enchanting, the city was built to carry the world portal and protect it. The portal there leads to the world of wind magic, Rallion. Due west of the continent is the region of Scillion. In this area there is a desert, surrounded by a dense forest. Right in the middle of this desert is an abandoned city that contains the portal to Grentis, the world of earth magic. The remaining two elements have their trial grounds hidden in a dimension that was split off of Entralia itself. One is called the Mindscape of Light. It is a dimension devoid of shadows and very faint colors. The lack of contrast is often taxing for the mind. Illusions are placed to fool those who have not trained their perception enough. The world portal hidden here leads to the world of light, Jenehrtes. Lastly we have the trial grounds of dark magic. The Nightmare Warp also assaults the mind. It deals heavily with emotion, especially those of aggression or fear. This dimension is also home to many different creatures that call the shadows their home. At its end, the trial delivers the challengers to the portal to Zanathas, the world of dark magic.

Challengers from all across Entralia train for years. Once they are ready to take on the trial of choice they venture forth, risking life and limb. The biggest reward for many of them is reaching the world they wish to continue living in. Many who reach that point almost never return to Entralia. In many cases families are broken up by this.

In the background of this context a threat begins to rise. This threat puts all the seven worlds in danger. It will take an eager, strong willed warrior to take on the task of becoming a hero.


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