7 Worlds: Explorations – Ep17

Episode 17: Cythia Unbound

A giant storm of light and darkness swirled over the capital city of Balancor. Laurel, Lumos and Thistle arrived quickly through a portal that dissipated behind them. They made their way to the council chambers where only a few of the members were present. Among them was Lindrel.

Laurel – “Dad! What’s happening here?”

Lindrel – “Oh thank goodness you’re safe. I thought you had rushed off to face Gerthran.”

Thistle – “Now why would you expect Laurel to rush off like that, it’s not like she does that often.”

Lindrel – “As for what’s going on, it seems Gerthran has unleashed all his power upon Entralia. It has made moving our troops difficult.”

Lumos – “So the council decided to make a move?”

Lindrel – “They did indeed. We could not continue to stand by while Gerthran executed his plan. At this point we’re not sure if we can stop him.”

Laurel – “I have to face him, I have the artifacts necessary to counter Cythia’s power as well as Gerthran’s.”

Lindrel – “You are truly our best hope. I didn’t think that gathering the artifacts was going to put you in such a position. I must confess that the original idea of sending you away was not entirely mine. Some time ago a mysterious figure told me that some artifacts needed to be found. It was very cryptic, but I supposed it had to be this way.”

Laurel – “I think I know who you’re referring to. This figure has been guiding me.”

Lumos – “That cannot be a coincidence, but we don’t have time to investigate. Lord Lindrel, I will take command of a battalion myself.”

Thistle – “I can go ahead with Laurel and provide support.”

Lindrel – “Come, I can point you to where Gerthran is.”

They entered a room with a large map. Lindrel pointed out that reaching the ancient ruins of the Cythia world portal would take hours. Laurel scoffed and told him how she could ride the winds and be there in mere minutes. The confidence she showed was in great contrast to how she was after her defeat by Gerthran. As soon as they knew where to go, Laurel and Thistle rushed ahead.

At the ruined portal, Gerthran gathered his power. Behind him his army had formed a protective shield. The forces of Entralia held their formation near them, ready to engage at any moment. It was in these circumstances that Laurel and Thistle arrived. Gerthran turned and addressed his opponents.

Gerthran – “Entralia will know chaos once more. I know you’re here Laurel, I can feel the power you hold. You are too late! Cythia will be released!”

He signaled his troops to march against the Entralian army. While the troops were engaged in battle, he continued to channel energy into the portal which began to assemble itself. Laurel and Thistle had to face off against a group of warriors. Many of them seemed to be in a frenzy. The fighting was intense but by the time Laurel broke through the portal had been assembled.

Gerthran – “You see? There is nothing you can do to stop this.”

Using the chaotic energies he wielded, Gerthran opened the portal. As soon as he did all the power that had been sealed away, and was now roaming Entralia, entered the portal. The silhouette of Cythia could be seen on the other side of the portal. Slowly she stepped through.

Cythia – “Ah, what a wonderful feeling. Freedom once more. My lord Danathos I am here once again to serve!”

Gerthran – “Mistress Cythia! Welcome to Entralia.”

Cythia – “Entra…lia? How many ages has it been?”

Gerthran – “Too many it seems.”

Cythia – “I cannot feel his presence…”

Gerthran – “Who is this Danathos you speak of?”

Cythia – “Mortal! You dare speak his name?!”

Laurel – “Looks like you bit off more than you could chew. Give up Gerthran!”

Cythia – “Hello you wonderful gnat, I see you have opponents. Gerthran, you are my champion. I guided you to my artifact, to my Ambition. Yes.”

Gerthran – “You remember.”

Cythia – “Barely. Having my very being split has this sort of effect on you, but no more. I will rule this time.”

The storms all over Entralia intensified. The army of chaos was emboldened and pushed back against their opposition.

Cythia – “Blessed be this chaos, for I bring it in the name of lord Danathos. You will bow before his might.”

Gerthan was puzzled by Cythia. She seemed to not recognize the time or place.

Laurel – “Something is very wrong with her, but no matter, I have to face Gerthran.”

Laurel stepped forward and prepared her half rusted ringblade.

Cythia – “Gerthran, deal with this insect. I will watch over you.”

Gerthran – “With pleasure. All hope is lost Laurel, chaos reigns!”

Great power seeped from the artifacts Laurel was wearing. Their battle would prove to be chaotic and intense. Gerthran was using a staff that Laurel recognized. It was the staff used by the queen of Zanathas. Beams of light, fiery embers, bolts of lighting and all other kinds of spells flew in every direction. Some deflected by Gerthran, others redirected by Laurel. This pleased Cythia as it was natural born chaos from combat. She grew in size and power as the fighting raged on.

Gerthran – “You cannot win Laurel. No matter what artifacts you possess.”

Cythia heard this and stared at Laurel for a moment.

Cythia – “That… Thing! She has it.”

Gerthran – “What is it my mistress?”

Cythia – “The ringblade…”

Mesmerized by the ringblade Cythia was paralyzed. As if fear had gripped this goddess of chaos. Gerthran noticed this and continued his assault against Laurel, intensifying his attacks. The release of energy from the fight continued to feed into Cythia. She continued to grow and increase her power. The ground nearby sundered and split. Thunderbolts raced across the sky, intermingling with the other elements that flew about. Laurel wanted to push further but Gerthran stopped her with a spell much like the one that had paralized her before entering Grentis.


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