7 Worlds: Explorations – Ep8

Episode 8: The Balance of Fire and Frost

Large icicles rained down upon the castle. While this happened Laurel and Thistle hurried to the throne room. Just outside the castle entrance Ixis soldiers and warriors of chaos fought. Laurel rushed into the throne room, meanwhile Thistle helped the guards fight off some of the warriors. When she finally reached the throne room, Lumos was fighting the leader of the warriors, a priestess named Mikayla.

Mikayla – “I know you have more artifacts in your possession! Give them to me!”

Laurel – “They’re not yours to claim, leave!”

The priestess was skilled in using water magic, but even with such skill Laurel’s attack caught her off guard. Mikayla did not expect the amount of power behind a fire magic spell that Laurel had cast. The flames pushed her back. Laurel firmly put herself between Lumos and Mikayla.

Mikayla – “Pah! Wasteful, we will meet again young lady. Retreat!”

By now some of the warriors of chaos had been apprehended. Mikayla knowing the odds were now completely stacked against them decided to fight another day. She took the remaining warriors, but not before unleashing a spell that lifted large pieces of ice and threw them towards the city. Laurel gave chase, but had to relent or the people would suffer. Using the Ring of Frost, Laurel broke the ice into tiny snowflakes.

Laurel – “Coward!”

Lumos – “Goodness Laurel, you arrived just in time. Sadly the priestess was able to run off with the artifact that was guarded here at the castle.”

Laurel – “I saw the energy flying off from the castle towards the world portal.”

Lumos – “Yes, it appears that artifact was important.”

Laurel – “Oddly though there was no such energy when I picked the Ring of Frost or the Circlet of Cold Flames.”

Lumos – “I see you’re well familiarized with the new artifacts you acquired. Come, let us report to the king. What happened to your guide? Gelis?”

Thistle – “It turned out he was part of those agents of chaos. He tried to trap us but one of the local sentient tribes helped us out.”

Laurel – “It was thanks to a whale named Umari that I was able to reach the temple and glaciers that held the artifacts.”

Lumos – “Quite the revelation, we must be careful as we move on. No telling what these people are capable of.”

Laurel – “Gelis mentioned someone named Gerthran.”

Lumos – “Mikayla, the priestess, also mentioned him. Looks like we will have much to research.”

King Hector arrived with a number of his guards. He was instructing them to begin questioning the warriors that had been captured. Once back at the throne he asked Lumos to see if he found anything in his short time with the artifact he was studying, which ended up stolen by Mikayla.

Lumos – “I tried a variety of spells and enchantments to explore the history of the artifact. Hidden deep with the artifact itself was a force of pure chaos swirling inside. The item seemed to be in a dormant state, that is, until the priestess used some ritual to reawaken it.”

King Hector – “What power did that helmet hold?”

Lumos – “From what I could tell there are more pieces of a full set of armor. That chaotic energy is hidden in many artifacts though, not just the parts of the armor suit.”

Laurel – “I learned from the circlet that there are at least two more unique artifacts that are a collaboration between two worlds each.”

King Hector – “Most interesting. I would ask you to give the circlet and ring to us, but clearly even we are vulnerable here. It is best if you keep them for now. Since you’re moving through the worlds it will be difficult for that cult to keep track.”

Laurel – “Thank you King Hector. I will do my best to protect them. They are also bound to me for some reason, I would not be able to take them off. The only thing I can do is use the rings in conjunction with the circlet. It is a power only unlocked by having all three of these artifacts.”

Lumos – “Fascinating! What wondrous constructs. We must continue to learn more.”

King Hector – “Indeed you should. I suggest visiting the ancient archive on Utoas. From there you could visit Rallion and ask for a meeting with its ruling council. I can send word ahead of your visit. Ixis and Rallion have been allies for years now.”

Laurel – “That would be very helpful.”

Lumos – “Then let us be off. Every moment counts. Once again we are very grateful for your help King Hector.”

King Hector – “I am glad to be able to help. Go and put a stop to the mad ambitions of that cult.”

Laurel, Thistle and Lumos left the throne room. While walking back to the dock they talked about the recent events.

Lumos – “By now we have seen one common denominator in all this.”

Thistle – “Chaos, chaos and more chaos.”

Lumos – “Indeed, naturally there is chaos all around us, but the world balances itself out. The elements are no different. In the same way they oppose each other they also balance themselves. Alliances between opposing worlds was a rarity in ancient times. It’s possible that there is recorded history of such events. If so, then there should be a book about it in the archives.”

Laurel – “Why don’t we visit Balancor and give father an update on our little adventure?”

Thistle – “That would be great!”

Lumos – “Sure, I don’t see why not. It will do you good to see him and I can report my findings directly.”

After traveling with Captain Hanna again the trio made it safely back to the Frigis Isles. There they decided to get a good rest before making their way to Balancor.


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