Space Survey

“This is unit three five one, beginning planetary survey of Rygel five. Command, do you read?”

“Unit three five one, this is command, we read you. You may proceed with the survey.”

“Acknowledged. Sensor scan commencing. Preliminary data shows similar atmospheric composition to Earth. Large landmasses and a variety of oceans. Plant life is thriving along with a civilization of humanoid creatures. Their technology appears to be similar to humans from the 2000s. The main exception here is that this civilization lives in a state of harmony with their natural world. As such the hazards that consumed our world and the markers we might have used to discover other civilizations are non-existent. Their carbon footprint is minimal. Weather effects are handled by adapting their dwellings to the environment surrounding them. Systems have detected a number of satellites orbiting the planet. Picking up some of their transmissions for further investigation”

“Unit three five one, your survey has provided enough data for now. You may return to command as soon as possible.”

“…But sir, we could and should learn more of them. Perhaps they could be the key to restoring Earth.”

“Earth is lost. If we cannot make the necessary changes on Venus, then we cannot do them on Earth. The same weather has affected both planets for years now and we still do not possess the technology or the resources to fix things. For now, all we can do is learn about our universe and perhaps one day return.”

“Acknowledged. Closing survey and returning home.”

For many years humanity saw as Earth became an inferno. A runaway greenhouse effect, much like the one on Venus, took over the weather and environment of Earth. With the technology of the time people were able to escape, but ended up traveling the galaxy in hopes of finding a safe harbor. None was found and the ships began to lose power. Little by little only a few remained. Many of which decided to return home and orbit Earth until some of the science vessels returned with good news. The surveys were meant to provide a template to reverse the effects of the runaway greenhouse effect. Sadly many of the experts that could help perished during the launch of one of the Liferaft starships. So they must learn once again all the science lost in those minds. Maybe one day they could reverse the disastrous weather and return home.


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