Argumand: Healing

The days felt long and arduous but the work kept my mind busy. Grief stricken over the loss of Garalith, I buried myself in work. Rebuilding both structures and relations between the two worlds was not easy. For Alfarand in particular it was years of hatred. They were only swayed by the charms and assurance of the great guardian. Solus, she called herself. It was her presence that helped push the ceasefire into a peace treaty between Argumand and Alfarand. King Ephram agreed to step down to allow for a new council to lead which included people from both his side and the resistance that sought the restoration of Solus. Wizards and their guardians traveled back and forth to help stabilize each world further. The changes in Argumand are notable. The Fields of Sorrow, a veritable wasteland, became a lush valley. With the new fields people could begin to cultivate again and settle down. The new council of Argumand was eager to rebuild. I was one of the wizards they called upon the most. Garalith’s orb gave me the additional power needed to perform otherwise extremely difficult tasks. Months went by quickly.

One day as I placed Garalith’s orb down on the table I noticed a crack on it. I was devastated. My only thought was that perhaps because of how much I had used the orb, it developed those cracks. After a few minutes I saw as the cracks had grown. It looked like the orb was about to fall apart. I was compelled to continue watching it until finally it exploded in a wave of magical energy and a cloudy maelstrom. From billowing smoke and lightning emerged a new guardian. I thought, “the orb must have been like an egg. Do guardians reincarnate? Or is this the child of Garalith”. The small dragon, much like Solus, had nothing in common with Garalith. In an instant it grew to a larger size and began to speak to me. “Greetings, I am Garin, it appears you are the one whom I am bound to”. I responded, “So it seems. Are you related to Garalith in any way?”. “You must be referring to my predecessor. No. He and I are distinct beings. I hold none of his memories, despite carrying me his entire life. Such is the way of the guardians of Argumand. One life ends and another begins. My memories will shape me from now on, though we somehow carry part of our predecessor’s personality. It is an odd sensation to be affected by something you have not experienced yourself. A lot of the way we develop is encoded in the energies that course through our bodies”, Garin told me. It was astounding to see him develop so quickly in front of my eyes. The loss of Garalith felt distant now. It was comforting to have this new companion. It was clear that we would need to learn a lot of things again. In the war Garalith and I fought in tandem, but in this new time of peace I would have to teach Garin a very different set of skills.

In one of my travels to Alfarand I was approached by Solus and she said, “I see you have gained a new companion. You are blessed, for such a loss would break most wizards”. Solus and I had grown close. I freed her from the binds of the stone and together we helped bring Alfarand and Argumand into peacetime. “Maybe it’s because I’m not entirely from Argumand. My time on Earth shaped me”, I said. The great guardian rose and then said, “Would you like to return to your world? Is your family still there?”. For a moment Earth felt so distant. All my time in Argumand, the war and every experience felt like I had lived a new life. I hesitated because I questioned whether or not I wanted to return, then answered, “My father still lives there. He was once a great wizard of Argumand. Perhaps I should go to him. I want him to see how being here has shaped me”. “I see. Then let us convene tomorrow in Argumand. Until then I must tend to this world”, Solus said as she flew off to the sky.


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