Author’s Chronicle #6

Year end recap

2022 was the year that I finally decided on writing and maintaining this story blog. Personally its been a mixed year for me. My job search has been fruitless, my career as a game developer is in an indefinite hold, but I’ve still been able to survive, mostly thanks to my partner’s support. I threw myself into the unknown when I started this particular endeavor. Currently, I try to write when I get the chance and post at least once a week. This week was an exception because of the holidays. Regardless of all that has transpired, I remain committed to continue writing. No matter what next year brings I am very grateful for those of you who decided to follow the blog and have liked what I have shared. It is my wish to continue to provide my small, humble form of entertainment. That it may bring a fire to your imagination. Thank you again for reading the stories. Happy new year!


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