Gaming Chronicle #4


Despite being a bit disconnected from recent gaming events, seeing a few posts about Gamescom got me curious about what they would show. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, who also hosts The Game Awards, the Opening Night Live presentation was actually pretty filled with trailers. There was a variety of game types offered, from a Dune MMO, new gameplay from Callisto Protocol and quirky silliness in the Moving Out 2 trailer. Big names like Hogwarts Legacy and a Destiny 2 expansion were also there. My personal standouts include Where Winds Meet, Wyrdsong (Despite not much being shown), Lies of P and Atlas Fallen. This last one (Atlas Fallen) was the one game that somehow caught my attention the most. It felt like one of the more unique offerings in the presentation. Looking forward to seeing more of what was shown in this presentation, especially anything about Atlas Fallen. I wonder if The Game Awards will have a similar showing.


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