“Welcome”, said a floating ball of light.

“Wait, is this…?”

“Heaven? No, that is what a lot of you say. Some others speak of fields or whatever. No, this is your afterlife. Quite literally. The energy of your conscious mind has transcended. Those that came before you established this as an entry point, though it is not the only one”

“I didn’t believe in a heaven to begin with, but transcending? That’s wild”

“Ah, acclimating might be simpler for you than many others. Think of this as a new life, different from the previous one. You begin with all the knowledge and experiences you created previously. This is a very different journey from your corporeal one”

“Wow. Honestly, I’m impressed. What does one do though? What is in this place?”

“This realm was established by the first fully conscious mind to transcend. Said mind moved on to yet another realm, different from this one. In this place you can explore the millions upon millions of permutations that your previous corporeal life might have experienced. In simpler terms, you can explore the outcomes of different decisions. You can follow those until your eventual end. The goal is to continue the growth of your consciousness”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then you may roam, infinitely. You do not have a body to feed, nor muscles that tire. There is no body to age. Continuing the expansion of your consciousness will only grant you one thing, to continue on to other realms, other afterlives”

“Hmm, quite intriguing. I guess I’ll head on in and explore, as you said”


“Will I meet any others?”

“Of course, be sure to learn how to project images. If you remember how you looked in the previous life you will be able to show others. Also, those with whom you shared a close bond will be naturally drawn to you”

“Thank you for the advice”

“You’re welcome, please go on”


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