The Burnoff

I looked on as the blaze consumed everything. A fire so strong it blew away buildings, turned trees to ash in an instant and our cars slowly melted away. Otherwise that day at the park seemed like it was going to be amazing. A lot of people were around having picnics, smiling and laughing. We didn’t know this at the time, but a large meteor was headed straight for the city. Some scientists still say that it came out of nowhere. That day I survived.

A voice echoed in my head saying, “It’s called pyrokinesis”. The intense flames wrapped around my body, but it felt like a mild breeze had just swept over me. As I looked around I saw as everyone burned away. A horrifying sight for sure. Shocked and trying my best to comprehend what was happening, the voice said something else, “You can stop the flames, but you must hurry”. There was no instruction manual for something like this. To hold such a power was unfathomable. Despite having just discovered this ability I was able to reach out, feel the very flames as they expanded and hold their advance. “This energy is now yours to command, it is up to you now to save your people”, the voice said one last time.

Since then my control over the power has grown significantly. My energy has become near limitless. Sadly the meteors have not stopped. I held back the second one that nearly struck a few months after the first. By now the government had deployed more satellites to monitor a specific region of space said to be the culprit of our misfortune. Other protective measures were tried but the amount of meteors moving towards Earth was increasing. A plan was prepared to try and evacuate. It was the last resort in order to prevent our extinction. Many blueprints were drawn to create proper space faring vessels that could take us to the stars and keep us safe. There was one problem though, we had yet to develop a power source that could last long enough to keep our starship moving ahead.

It has been almost four years since the impact of the first meteor and the discovery of my powers. The ships meant to carry what remained of the population were ready to launch with unique power systems developed recently. Those newly built reactors required one thing though, me. Through my own power the reactors could be kept running indefinitely. Launch day had to be moved forward multiple times. Many times before I was able to intercept a great many of the meteors. This time there were too many to deal with. Earth, as we knew it, was on its last days.

The ships finally launched as the first pieces of the meteors began to fall. My power was able to protect the ships. Further and further we moved into open space, our first rendezvous was in Mars orbit. We were witnesses to the fires that consumed our beloved planet. It was not all despair, shortly after the destruction I received a new message from that mysterious voice, “You may now join us, the cradle is safe and you have proven to be worthy”. Apparently this was all a test and Earth was considered to be a cradle planet. One of the few in the universe capable of breeding new species of sentient life. There was some anger towards whoever the voice was, but they assured us that the event was one that happened periodically in every system that held a cradle world. It was the universe’s way of balancing itself out.


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