Universe Pondered

I waited at the edge of the universe. Standing on this water like substance, I felt a very light current as it went over the edge. The sky is filled with stars and celestial objects. Any simple mind might be overwhelmed. “Where am I?”, I thought to myself. There was no air here, yet I breathed. I felt no thirst or hunger, the energy of the universe kept me alive. The answers to my questions arrived slowly. This is the fountain of the universe and eternity. From here I could watch the birth of stars and even entire civilizations. It was only natural that I bear witness to such events. Right as I looked ahead a star formed from a dense cloud. Nearby a planet began to shape. Time was meaningless to me. The events unfolded in mere moments. To the newly born people of the planet it was countless life and death. Soon they came to worship one and many, but never me. I was not there to see. There was no evidence. Eventually their evolution brought them to the stars. Since it was so close to the fountain, it began to corrupt these people. Their desire turned towards conquest. A small few leaped towards the unknown, and I helped them, silently, because they were the only hope that remained for survival. Meanwhile the proclaimed conquerors set foot upon the fountain. Each of their steps corrupted the waters. Their dark desires seeped like a poison. In their hubris they believed themselves worthy of the power held in the fountain. Such a grand failing, but at least this species survived. With a sweep of my hand their bodies disappeared. Some were swallowed by the waters. Ships exploded and the pieces dissipated. Thousands of spirits now floated around with no purpose. A deep regret was palpable in many. Those were cast away into the universe once more, a second chance. In another life, another place, different people. Spirits with a blinded and deep seated hatred were sent somewhere else. Eventually they would live once more, but not after paying the price for giving in to their dark desires. So I stand, once again at the edge. I look on. The universe continues before my eyes. A new world is born, far from here. Another species evolves. It becomes corrupted by the dark desires. This time the desire is greed. A powerful drive to possess more and more. Yet, when their time is done, they keep nothing of it. Perhaps I will watch more. Someday they might realize that such pursuits are trivial. Then again, they would have to gain a greater perspective.


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