Gaming Chronicle #2

Hype Month

June is right around the corner. Even without the traditional hype week of E3 there are quite a few gaming related events. I wanted to list some important dates as a reminder, to myself, and to readers. So let’s start with the most recent announcement.

Sony recently announced its State of Play showcase for June 2. They have mentioned it will be nearly 30 minutes long.

Next up is the latest update for Minecraft. Version 1.19, the wild update, is set to be available on June 7th.

Summer Game Fest has its own event scheduled for June 9. We’re likely to see something from every company, or at least that’s the expectation. As always Keighley promises lots of good things, so we’ll see soon. Warframe also gets its next update on this day.

On June 12 is the Xbox + Bethesda showcase. Later that day there will also be a PC Gaming Show.

Finally, on June 16, Overwatch has an event. Whether they will give dates for the next Beta test or, perhaps, a release date? Maybe they’ll reveal the next new character? Who knows.

Nintendo is still seemingly MIA. They have yet to make an announcement of their traditional Direct. By this time in years before we have heard something, so maybe they’re holding on until the last moment. Other Direct presentations have usually been announced a day or two before.

There might be other events during the month, so this isn’t a definitive list. As mentioned in a previous post, I am particularly interested in more Pokémon news and anything on Metroid Prime 4. No doubt there will be much to see. These showcases sometimes have unique standouts, like Stray for example, in which you control a cat. All in all a great month to look forward to. The hype is different from previous years, but it is hype nonetheless.


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