Ramblings of a Utopia

At long last the days of people going without health care was a thing of the past. Our people let go of the archaic economy that promoted the amassing of wealth by those who already had too much of it. This led to breakthroughs in medical research that would be years behind in the old system. We cured some of our most dreaded diseases. No longer did people have to die because they could not afford the treatment. Along with greater health and survivability came the inevitable growth in population. This prompted the development of new technologies. Once again, shedding our old economy broke us free of many restraints, yet for all our advancements we knew that our planet would not be able to sustain us for long.

With the space programs beginning to move forward, once again we set our sights on moving onwards to sights we had not seen before, an exploration of the worlds and solar systems beyond our own. There have been many scary moments, of that there is no doubt. The governments required years and commerce did not really adapt properly until it was settled that a completely new set of rules needed to be created. The new system was adaptable. It allowed the people to freely pursue the lines of knowledge and art that they wished. This led to the rise of some of our most brilliant minds and our most revered artists. At some point we had a dark age, now it was an age of light. A growth spurt that eventually led to conflict…

As time passed we knew that a conflict among our people was inevitable. Surprisingly there was no bloodshed, no heated discussions with hidden political or religious agendas. Instead long conversations were held and all parties’ interests were put up front for all to see. The education system was no longer bound by the profit seeking of old. People sought knowledge not only for their own advancement, but for that of their whole civilization. Politicians disappeared, leading to a rise in people who were properly trained and genuinely sought the benefit of all. As this happened political parties became obsolete. These were no longer needed, because their views were far too narrow, and oftentimes too ignorant of the fact that we needed to move forward as a single civilization.

The advancement of technology led us to the ability to replicate materials, food and other items. Our homeworld was still very important for us, but this gave us the freedom to better protect it from the damages we had done before. Although many animal species had become extinct in our most terrible times, some of our newer processes were able to revive many that were necessary to restore predator-prey cycles that balanced a multitude of habitats.

Our future now lies in the vastness of space. This world that had carried us up to this point no longer needed us, for sure it would survive without our intervention. The great council decided that it was time for us to move on as a civilization. In a few thousand years our mark would be erased and perhaps another civilization can grow here. It was also deemed necessary to not leave any other marks. This growth needed to occur naturally. We said our farewells and moved out into the void.


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