Gaming Chronicle #1

New gaming discussion

I’ve been missing the chance to write about games and the gaming industry in general. So Gaming Chronicles will be the home for this. I was previously keeping an exclusive gaming blog but since starting Daydream Chronicles I wanted to supplement the story writing posts with other writing topics. It is possible I might branch out into other topics, but for now here’s the first Gaming Chronicle.


With the month of June fast approaching the absence of E3 makes itself felt. The usual hype that builds in the weeks preceding the big media event does not feel the same. So far we have but a few events that will try to fill in the gap. In particular Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest will attempt to cover the hype cycle. Other than that Microsoft has its traditional showcase, which also includes Bethesda, on June 12. Seeing anything from Bethesda will be nice, particularly if we get more gameplay for Starfield. As a fan of Elder Scrolls I wish we could get something for ES6, maybe a region tease or perhaps what the hero might look like. At the time of this writing neither Nintendo nor Sony have made any announcements regarding their own showcases, a Direct or State of Play. As always I am especially interested in Nintendo. I suspect they should be announcing something soon, considering the amount of time that has passed since the previous presentation. Summer Game Fest might not carry the big E3 name but it is still a good time to ride the media wave that it brings.

Early this year we got the announcement of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We should be close to getting more info on the games considering they release during this year’s holiday season. November has been historically the Pokémon release month. Another game that might get shown more is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 considering they moved its release up to July from September. Splatoon 3 might have more to show before its release in September. My wishful thinking wants to see Metroid Prime 4 but at this rate I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up canceled.

Another big name that has something to show is Overwatch. It recently had its first closed beta which tested the new 5v5, a new mode called Push and a new DPS hero. They are making an announcement on the 16th. I would guess it could be the next round of the beta, but perhaps they will finally nail down a release date? Regardless, a lot of fans of the game are excited for the news. Personally, I’d like a new support hero.

One of my own all-time favorites and ongoing game, Warframe, has its convention on July 16th. TennoCon will most likely reveal what’s next for the lore and story as well as bring new frames and the next Prime. A lot of players have been curious about whether this year the focus will be on the previously teased Duviri Paradox.

All in all, since there isn’t anything clear on the horizon for Nintendo and Sony we might get some surprises along the way. It could be pretty hype to learn of a Nintendo Direct soon or a State of Play from Sony. I will surely keep an eye out for any of these and of course I’ll be watching Summer Game Fest for any news.


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