A World In Flux – Ep 10

Episode 10: Back In Business

I awoke with the bustle of the city in the background. The night before I bid farewell to people who felt like longtime friends. Theirs was a journey that would be difficult and dangerous. Although I was aware that my talents might not help them as much, I have no desire for combat and yet wish nothing but the end of this conflict. I stare at the magical thread that Balthazar gave me and I am filled with an inexplicable curiosity. Surely if I did enough research I would be able to learn how to use it and perhaps weave my best work yet.

Lyre is fascinating. Such grand architecture. A single step outside and I was taken aback by the beauty of it all. I set out after having a good meal at the inn. My main goal today was to secure a place to set up my shop once again. Surely this city would provide a multitude of customers. The townspeople I asked were kind enough to lead me to a place that was on sale. A perfect location for my trade. Although I was running low on coin, the previous owner made a deal for a dress set for her wife as a gift for their anniversary.

It is now way past the afternoon. Some people have become curious of their new neighbor and lent a hand in cleaning and setting up. At this rate I should be able to open up sooner than I thought. Before going back to the new locale, which will also be my home, I wanted to spend some time at the Grand Library of Lyre. This world famous library is known to have an incredible selection of texts that cover many trades. There are even some of the few remaining poems that were penned by a dragon and a man who lived together, or so the story goes. It is here that I would learn of weaving with this special thread, and perhaps a spell or two that would help with my work. As I often like to do, I wear my own pieces of work, they show my passion and dedication to this trade. This apparently caught the eye of the master librarian here. She was kind enough to lead me to a section of the library dedicated to weaving, dress making and magical robes. After a few hours of searching I found a single book with an entry that had just what I needed. It appears that Balthazar’s master may have been using this book to create the thread. The spell to make the thread was complex, it had many warnings. In the end it appears to be used to create a unique and powerful piece of magical clothing that can withstand a lot of punishment. I cannot ascertain if the mage was able to finish the enchantment, at least to me it appears finished. I committed what I could to memory. Perhaps tomorrow I may return to read some more.

The night was serene. A few people still walked around the city. There were taverns offering drink and food to wary travelers. Upon reaching my new home I noticed the quiet marketplace and looked on. A group of guards patrolled the street. The music in the tavern sounded far off in the distance. There is a peace in this city not felt elsewhere. Once inside the soon to be shop, I sat down at the edge of the bed immersed in thought. Already I had ideas of the robes I wanted to craft using the mystical thread. It may take me a lot of time, but I would see this endeavor through.


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