A World In Flux – Ep 5

Episode 5: Changing Threads

I barely arrived yesterday from Etheria only to learn a few moments ago that it was attacked! How incredibly dreadful, but at least I was spared such an awful event. My journey had barely started and already I was learning from all around me. The little hamlet called Graystone welcomed me with open arms. It seems my talents were in need. A few of the ladies in the village wanted a number of dresses hewn for a local festivity. I quickly settled at a small inn and began my work.

In a matter of three days I had made five dresses. All of my customers were pleased with the result. I, on the other hand, was somehow unsatisfied. The work itself was flawless. My magic helped quicken the pace of my sewing. Perhaps my mind was preoccupied with the news of the attack on the city. That place was, after all, my home for most of my life. It was such a shame to think it burned down, or broken by war. Throughout the day more news were slow to come. It seemed that the kingdom of Lyre was also attacked recently. This reminded me of a man who once arrived at my shop and gifted me with a very peculiar piece of thread. He told me he had found it in his old master’s collection and that he was instructed to give it to me. Ever since that day I have always wanted to meet up with him again. Though it saddens me I have yet to use that thread. It feels so unique and mystical. Surely I would find a use for it someday.

I decided it was time to walk around the village to clear my mind. It is past midday by now. The stroll would not only ease my mind, but also allow me to ask around for information on the nearest town I could visit. Some of the people suggested Clearwater, which was north of Etheria. Others were wary of going to Lyre, but they said the capital was protected by giant walls and a world renowned cadre of knights. As I continued on my way I saw a familiar face. The young man was making his way towards the Inn. I remember his face from naught a few days ago when his master disgraced my reputation in Etheria. Luckily the boy seemed level headed. Perhaps I could learn of what has transpired.

“I am looking for a man, a dark mage”, said Kaiden to the innkeeper. “Kid, you shouldn’t be looking for one if you know what’s good for ya”, warned the man while sweeping the entryway, and continued, “the Lightbringers would haul you to who knows where for questioning”. “Well, a dark mage took on an entire battalion of Lightbringers back in Etheria and I wanted to know where he went, I wish to learn from him”, said Kaiden. Meanwhile Galian entered the inn to meet the young man. “Uh, hello there, do you perhaps remember me? I have some questions for you, if you don’t mind”, he was curious about what happened at the capital.

“The summit was used to track down and kill mages. The Lightbringers said that they would purge the world of the unholy magics, especially the flux. My master died that day, but I was lucky enough to hide in a guard tower”, explained Kaiden over a cup of hot tea. By now the sun had set and they sat by the fireplace of the inn. “That must have been a harrowing experience, oh but my goodness, how careless of me, I haven’t even introduced myself properly. My name is Galian, as you know, I am a tailor specializing in women’s dresses and magical robes”, Galian was rather embarrassed at his lack of manners. Kaiden on the other hand was a bit disappointed that he could not find more information on the man he sought, “My name is Kaiden. My master, Pilius, was my teacher in the school of water magic. I learned much from him, but I was not as interested in that school. After what happened I can feel that I am fated to learn of Flux magic. From a younger age I have known to be talented in that school of magic, yet Pilius probably feared what could come if I sought to learn more”. “It saddens me to hear about what happened to your old master, but perhaps we could join up and find this mage you’re looking for. I have heard of a dark mage that lives in the city of Lyre, the capital of the kingdom that goes by that same name. I fear that place might be the safest in the world right now, even though it has received its fair share of attacks”, Galian had a knack for arriving at the right place and at the right time, “tomorrow is Graystone’s festival, we could leave after that if you wish, travelling together would surely be better than travelling on our own”. Kaiden pondered the offer for a short time. He knew he was running short on coin and the trip alone would be harrowing. As for Galian he, as a merchant, knew of trade routes and even hidden passages that could take days off of their journey. “Look, my family used to travel between the kingdoms before settling in Etheria. I know the roads well, even though they may have changed a bit through the years”, said Galian. “Alright, I will travel with you then. I only hope I will not burden you”, Kaiden was happy to know he would not have to travel alone and a half smile adorned his face. “Nonsense my boy, I’m sure that having a companion along will make the trip much more fun and interesting”, Galian reassured Kaiden while taking the last few drops of tea from the cup.


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