A World In Flux – Ep 4

Episode 4: Perspectives

“Come now child, keep up! The summit of ages will not wait for us”, the old mage kept scolding me for falling behind. I could not help but admire the construction of the city and the grandness of the Ether Tower. “Damn it Kaiden, stop this foolishness at once!”, his behaviour was an annoyance for the most part, but master Pilius was a good teacher. I had been travelling with him for some time now, learning magic from the water element. Although he is intent on teaching me, I find the studies somewhat boring. The Flux holds much more interest for me. Some time ago I showed some talent in manipulating shadows, but master Pilius insisted that such magic was for savages or the like. He is probably just spouting the same banter as the church, one I’m not very fond of.

Yesterday was rather stressful. Master Pilius got denied entry to one of the meetings being held here. He raged at the tailor who made his robes, blaming him for the loss of ether from the robe’s threads. It was shameful but the master really has little awareness of how the flow of ether affected his clothes. He walked right through a small ether void that formed on the road to the conference hall. Of course his robes would lose energy.

Two days later and I was still no closer to being able to enter the conferences. Master Pilius said that I was there merely as an observer, and yet, every time he entered a conference he left me behind. Other times I was told my grasp of the fundamentals was too basic to be allowed inside. Their excuse was that I would not understand the concepts. Pah, surely I would understand more if it were not for Pilius’ slow teaching methods. I even set out to apologize to the tailor, but I found out he closed his shop not too long after that argument the other day. Surely Pilius had also mentioned things to other mages. He had a knack for spreading information quickly. Walking down one of the roads I saw a knight maiden checking some of the fruit stalls in the market. She had an air of confidence that I had not seen before. I wanted to keep exploring around, but the Lightbringers made me nervous. They were stationed all over the city. I know the church was invited to the summit, but I did not think they would send so many people here. Perhaps they are quite devoted to magic.

It has been a day since the event. I am at such a loss. Master Pilius died in the onslaught that the church brought upon the city. I was lucky one of the guard towers was well defended by the city guard. Others were not so lucky. I heard that many inside the conference hall were brutally killed by soldiers from the church. One powerful dark mage took it upon himself to strike down some of the church’s soldiers. It was like a message from beyond. I needed to find him and learn from him. Perhaps now my curiosity would be sated. My search for information gave me only a little to go on. At most I would have to head west to a village called Graystone.


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