The Curse of Kantalish

Zamael’s log: Day 13 – Minor worries

Exploring further away meant that it took me a much longer time to return. I had to disable the cloaking system on the ship and turn to more traditional ways of hiding. The local flora had grown some since my arrival, so it was convenient to use as cover. Meanwhile the ship is down to essentials only. Of course, the science station had to remain active. During this expedition I found a second gauntlet that quickly attached to my left arm. This increased the total power of the other parts and extended their cover of my body. I was slightly shocked, so I decided to keep the science station running an analysis. Some of the information I discovered mentions a suit of armor used in the war. It’s possible that these parts are related to said suit, but I won’t know for sure until I have all parts. I still can’t get any of the pieces off. Perhaps I need all parts to be able to deactivate it.

Zamael’s log: Day 16 – The next part

Finally after searching and diving deep into ancient military installations, I found the next part. A pair of boots that enhanced my jumping capability and running speed. If anyone wore this in the war they probably had a huge advantage over anyone not using something similar. Speaking of the war, the structure somehow had an active archive unit with historical data. The armor downloaded the data automatically and I’ll be sure to read more about it. A little of what I could gather at first glance was that the civil war within the Quantals was horribly devastating. They had deployed these armor suits to prevent further deaths, but apparently it only exacerbated the problem. The race is currently extinct according to Umari historical data. I suspect at least some of them must have survived. Someone had to place these armor parts here. Perhaps those that did never put the armor on again, which scares me even more. If the Quantals themselves avoided using the suit again, something else must have gone wrong.

Zamael’s log: Day 24 – Suit complete

This… this might be the last log I can dictate with an intact mind. The logging program had to be moved to the now completed suit of armor since the power of my ship had failed. Initially I believed myself stranded on this planet, but the suit informed me that there is a flight system included with the body armor piece. This system combines a set of thruster engines on the back of the armor and on each foot. The last report of the science station warned that there was a program feeding input to my subconscious. It compelled me forward to find all the parts for the armor suit. With the suit complete, it now covers the entirety of my body. The suit adapted to my physiology. There are no signs of panic, even though in my mind I am trapped in a deadly piece of technology. All of its systems are online and it feels like I could wage a war all on my own. Currently it is taking more and more willpower to keep control. I have to focus. In the end I think that only the Umari might have more experience dealing with this, so I’ve decided I will contact them as soon as I exit the upper atmosphere.

Zamael’s Log: Day 46 – Minor progress

My mind slips. In some glimpses of reality I see myself destroying one of the Umari assault cruisers single handedly. Other times I am stuck on the floor, a powerful magnetic force holding me down. The recycled air within the suit keeps me alive anywhere I go. Nourishment is drawn from the very energy that powers the suit. A technological marvel for sure. I’ve become an unwilling soldier of a long finished war. Now the suit identifies various threats to myself and deals with them. Every now and then the voice of a scientist explains how the armor has been temporarily disabled, but that they can’t take it off. As much as it protects me, it has also made me dependent on it. Her voice was soothing. She said her name is Thalis. I will hold on to the memory of her name. I hope it will keep me sane. I still fight, with what little will I have left.

Zamael’s Log: Day… what day is it?

Wait, I can think clearly? The fog lifts and I hear a voice from the communication unit of the armor. It explained that Thalis installed an artificial intelligence program developed by her. The program has been able to counteract most of the armor suit’s more dangerous systems, including the one that compelled me to action. As the AI takes over, many other functions have become disabled. Sadly, this whole process came at a cost. Thalis was apparently turned in to the Umari authorities for helping me. It seems there is disarray within the Space Police. One group sought to help me, to then use my control over the armor to help with their missions. Another group wanted to destroy the armor suit and me with it. I acknowledge that being here is my own doing, but living a little more is a thing I’d like to keep doing. So I resolved, with the help of the AI, to find Thalis and help free her. It’ll take time to regain control of most systems again. Guess I won’t be retiring any time soon.


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