The Exploration of Kantalish

Zamael’s Log: Day 1 – Arrival at Kantalish

I have arrived at the planet identified by the Umari Space Police as Kantalish. Apparently it is forbidden to even transport into the area. Not that they would notice my incursion. According to some very reputable information I acquired, this planet is ripe with ancient artifacts of a long dead civilization. Historians say that the people who inhabited this planet destroyed themselves in a war. Somehow the natural resources, both flora and fauna, were able to bounce back from near extinction. Thanks to those Umari patrols no other treasure hunters have been able to set foot on the planet. I, on the other hand, finally saved enough to buy that sweet stealth transporter I had been looking for. With all this in mind I am hoping to score some good treasure and sell it all to finally retire from this exhausting line of work.

Zamael’s Log: Day 2 – Short range exploration

The landing area has been secured. Lush vegetation nearby should keep the marks of the landing concealed. Keeping the cloaking up is costly, but I don’t expect to be here too long. Once I find one thing that looks valuable I will book it out of here. The surroundings are littered with a number of highly technological facilities that, although overrun with vegetation, seem to be active. To think that after hundreds of years some of the internal machines still work. Early scans indicate a powerful energy source beneath one of the structures. If I can access that area perhaps I can get whatever it is and leave sooner than I thought. Predatory creatures are being diverted by a harmless resonant frequency emitted by my ship’s shields. Hopefully it will keep the bugs away too, urgh.

Zamael’s Log: Day 5 – A discovery

After a number of adjustments I was able to modulate the energy shot by my pistol to operate some of the machinery. Surely the ancient civilization meant to do this some other way, but I guess I will be shooting my way into new areas. At least I will be getting some good target practice done. This eventually gave me access to a room where a large predatory creature had made its nest. Adverse to any sort of confrontation I decided to move away quietly and seek another entrance. I had no luck however. Surely by tomorrow I’ll hatch a plan to deal with that pesky creature.

Zamael’s Log: Day 6 – The gauntlet

My plan worked. I was able to hook up a small personal shield unit to my backpack. With it I was able to emit the same resonant frequency my ship emits to drive the beast away. Sadly, the shield emitter got fried after a few hours. Lucky for me though, I found something incredible! It looks to be like a powerful artifact, a gauntlet. It looks highly advanced and as soon as it latched onto my right arm it started showing me information on its functionality. So far I’ve discovered that it can access functions of the machinery by varying its energy output. It can fire short bursts of energy, much like my trusty pistol, which sadly is no more, but more on that later. My genetic information was analyzed by this device and somehow allowed me to learn its secrets. This ancient civilization was crafty. Personally I would have made something like this more difficult to acquire. I digress, while exploring just before finding the gauntlet I had to perform some kind of test. It was a simple target practice, but at some point it overloaded my pistol so I had to discard it before it exploded. Thankfully this new gauntlet can provide ample protection. Other than being able to shoot, it can also generate a short blade of energy. The only thing that worries me now is that I have not been able to take it off. So here I am, sitting beside the ship’s analysis unit with my arm in it to see what else I can discover about this gauntlet.

Zamael’s Log: Day 9 – The headpiece

Finding that gauntlet has led to numerous adventures around the area. I have been able to fend off a great many predators as well as navigate the crumbling facilities of the Quantals, the original name of the inhabitants. My new piece of equipment has been an incredibly useful tool and now it led me to another artifact. This time a headpiece that looks to have the same style of the gauntlet. Now I possess a powerful and intuitive heads up display system unlike anything seen in the ten star systems. Another sleek and polished piece of technology that somehow survived all this time. My curiosity was quickly satiated. The very system that now provided with useful environmental information, now also provided some historic records and data. Sadly, many of them were incomplete as it required access to a structure far beneath the surface of the planet. I wasn’t even entirely sure that such a facility would still be operational. Using the headpiece and the gauntlet together I was able to synthesize nourishment, since my original food supply was running dangerously low. Another new system was a map, though somewhat outdated, that marked something else farther away from the landing zone.

Zamael’s Log: Day 10 – The Umari scare

Today several patrol craft from the Umari Space Police passed by. Some of their fighter craft even entered the atmosphere. I’m sure it’s of no importance, they have no way of detecting my ship. That might change soon though. The energy reserves are beginning to run low, but I am compelled to continue my exploration. Already some of the cargo containers are filling up with a variety of statues, machine parts and local gemstones. Should I be profiting from a long dead civilization? Why of course! The next steps are to dive further into the heart of the structures nearby. I swear I saw a doorway that I had not noticed before.


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