Welcome: Chronicle Zero

For a long time now I have had an itch to write down the stories that often come to mind. They are varied, hinge on the fantastical and perhaps even non sensical. I want these as both a practice for my writing and to help others entertain their imagination. It is my hope that these will prove to be a fun distraction to all who read them. So without further ado, the next part will be the first story.


There it stands. In the middle of a completely darkened room. A legendary wand in its own right, but with only a handful having witnessed its power. We could see it through a glass window that had been enchanted with the most powerful of protective spells. I stood there and watched knowing that my chances of ever holding said wand were ever so miniscule. Yet I craved it. It was as if that very object called to me. In dreams it would whisper to me the paths of the guardians that protected it. The temple itself was no joke. Large towering marble pillars of exquisite design. Magically carved in a way no stone smith could ever conceive. Other artifacts stood there. Among them were also a dragon scale blade and a pair of twin swords said to be infused with the very will of the heroine that once held them.

The great council of magic held its meetings in the temple. They call it Chymus. To me it is where our freedoms go to die. As the dangers of magical power have become more apparent, so have the restrictions levied upon us. The city around the temple continues with its usual hustle and bustle. Unbeknownst to them, the mages plot to slowly imprison everyone. They must be stopped. My plan is simple. Acquire Achymiarel and use its power to free everyone from the oppression of the council. I am convinced there is no other way. Once that mighty wand is in my power they will understand, they will regret having expelled me.

Priestess Sedna of the Dival clan. Once I served my people with great honor. As a priestess I carried our traditions wherever I stood. Such things were seen as backward by the council. We held our freedom tightly. The experimentations with magic sometimes had terrifying results, but more often they ended providing a net benefit. Lord Ouros, leader of the council, began to slowly forbid our experiments. The Dival clan started to disperse, their dreams being replaced with the dull clout and routine set by the council. Eventually our lands were absorbed into the city that rose around Chymus. Since then I have tried to strive to free as many as I can. Sadly, I have not been entirely successful. Some have become so convinced that they work day and night believing it will provide some sort of enlightenment. The truth remains, no amount of work will ever free them. Those few who have regained their freedom decided to travel to far off regions in the hopes that the council never finds them. I have used the most powerful wards I can conjure to aid them in such quests, but the fields beyond the city are unpredictable. The myriad of creatures living there are often dangerous and predatory. Not so different from the very council that once promised us protection.

One final revelation was shown to me. In a dream I witnessed a new world. A pristine land that possesses none of the troubles of this city. It would be the ideal place to begin the restoration of my clan. The Dival would rise again, and this time without the intervention of the council that invaded us. Those people had no right to claim this region for themselves. At first their curiosity seemed genuine, but it was all a guise to gain our trust. The artifacts they held were used as deterrents. Later on we learned that they had done this to others. The city was a scar on the land. It was bound to consume everything around and before long they would move on to invade someone else. This has to stop.

Finally, night has fallen. The three moons provide an eerie light. I blend with the shadows as I move. Magical energy binds my silhouette as it shifts. The hallways bare witness to my elite magical prowess. Wards and protective spells give way as I dance around them. Their energy feeding my own. At last, before me lies a large door. Its bindings would require an army of mages to undo. In this night though, aided by the very moons, I stand against them. This time my dance is more elaborate. The movement of legs, the swaying of hips and the delicate motions of my hands slowly broke the binds. “Child’s play”, I think to myself, but the loud rumble of the massive doors was sure to draw the attention of the guardians. As quickly as I could I entered the room and sealed the doors behind. This would hold them, but not for long. I had just enough time to grab the wand and use it to escape.

Barely a foot in front of me, bathed in a magical light coming from above, floated Achymiarel. Beneath it a stone altar held it in place through a simple enchantment. Its presence felt oppressive. As if its very nature, its power, was leaking into the world. I reached out. My destiny would soon be under my full control. Behind me the doors were blasted open. The pieces flying to the sides of the massive room. In the center of the doorway stood none other than Ouros. He warned me to not pick up the wand, but when I turned it was already in my hands. Before I could do anything with it a wave of energy burst forth from Achymiarel. Such a force bent even the light coming from above. The darkness of the room was washed away. Beneath us an abyss formed and I floated above it. Slowly it began to break off pieces of the marble. The guardians themselves were being pulled. They struggled to keep their balance. Some slipped and fell into the abyss. Ouros used all of the magic he could muster to try and retrieve the wand from my hand. Whatever had been unleashed was already too far into its cycle. He too succumbed and spiraled downward. My satisfaction at his apparent demise quickly faded away as I realized the world was crumbling around me. In but a few short minutes the temple had already been demolished. I could see the moons in the sky. A feeling of dread overwhelmed me. The moons were cracking. Their pieces burned in the night, lighting the ground and the mountains to the north. This collapse was taking our very existence and making it disappear into this void beneath me. All I could do was float there and watch, or could I? I looked at my hand, the wand was still in my possession. You are mine to command, return to me my world. Yet, despite my clear command it would not yield. Instead it dragged me down into the abyss. All the light of the world faded away. As for me, the dread feeling subsided and an unsettling calm soothed me into slumber.

Achymiarel (Ah-kye-mee-uh-rehl)

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